Art of Staining

Chemical staining creates a one of a kind floor that can not be duplicated. The overall effect lends a warm, inviting feeling with exquisite drifts of translucent color shadings like that of natural stone. Each concrete surface will accept the stains differently based on chemical makeup, age, porosity, mix design, texture, ambient conditions and initial color of the substrate. The stains react chemically at the surface, penetrating and leaving unique permanent color effects. This is a stain, not a film build coating, it will never peel, crack or chip.

Depending on application techniques acid stains can produce a vibrant or muted, multi- hued mottled look satisfying a variety of tastes and styles. An inconspicuous area for testing samples is mandatory and must be approved by the customer. Volume of stain needed and color options can be considered at this point. Although, due to the nature of this process, the samples sometimes prove to be deceptive and final results can vary in color. Remember, this reaction is unique to each concrete surface, expect color tones to be consistently inconsistent. Once stained and sealed, a permanent, low maintenance work of art has been created to be admired by many! Be prepared to rejoice the outcome whatever it might be! There are several standard colors available which can be intermixed, layered or diluted to achieve different looks. Please see our color samples page. If a more predictable look is desired, we suggest the concrete dyes or water based stains.

The key to success with stained concrete is working with a subcontractor who has extensive practical experience with both the staining of concrete and working with general contractors. We understand your issues. We are professional artists by training and experience. We are also fully licensed and insured company and have worked on a wide variety of new and remodel construction jobs. We would be happy to refer you to some of the contractors and homeowners with whom we have worked who can vouch for our professionalism and integrity.

If acid staining is in your plans for a project, we encourage you to involve us as early as possible to ensure the slab is properly specified and that everyone involved is on the same page. Job scheduling needs to account for stain-penetration time, post-stain cleaning and drying times, clear seal and waxing times. Even a tiny 100 square-foot job will take four days, due to these factors. It is also very important to know how to protect the floor when the other trades are on the site.